What is Intuitive Writing?

Intuitive writing, or channelled writing, is writing that comes from your own Higher knowledge, or Soul/Entity. It can also come from a collaboration between your own soul and your spirit guides. Often, when you initially begin to write in words that just seem to ‘pop into your head’, you might think that it is your spirit guides or Masters  giving you knowledge, guidance, poetry or stories, but often is it the voice of your own Soul/Entity/Higher Self, feeding your personality the words which you then feel compelled to write down.

The words may suddenly ‘appear’ in your mind and you have to run to find a pen to write them down, not knowing, from one word to the next, what they are going to say. But the words are often accompanied by ‘meanings’, or images, which give you a more holographic understanding of them.

There is much trust involved in this kind of writing. Sometimes, when you are receiving words it can feel as though they are familiar; that you already know what you are writing and that you are making it up.  Your higher-self/soul may well know it and may be giving it to you and that is why it feels familiar.

Many people do not begin to do this kind work until they have been developing their connection to the Soul Plane, Spirit guides or their mediumistic/healing abilities, but some of the most famous books that we know have been written from a person’s higher self; they just didn’t recognise it as such. But those books have influenced generations of people, as they were supposed to do. Think of JRR Tolkien, Enid Blyton, JK Rowling, Terry Pratchett and others. Each of them had their own way of writing but often the ideas for their stories just ‘popped into their heads.’

Think of JRR Tolkien, Enid Blyton, JK Rowling, Terry Pratchett and others. Each of them had their own way of writing but often the ideas for their stories just ‘popped into their heads,’ and sometimes those stories were not written for years but eventually became entire ‘worlds’ peopled by beings from other dimensions of reality! That was their function, to open up the minds of people to the reality of the greater inner worlds.

Many people have written channelled knowledge, some useful, some not. Seth was channelled through Jane Roberts while she was in trance.  Neale Donald Walsh wrote Conversations with GodEileen Caddy too, one of the founders of Findhorn, was a channel for higher knowledge and was a great influence on many people and there are countless others.

Although conscious channellers/intuitive writers are aware of where their writing comes from, what happens when your spiritual knowledge is being written from a fictional place, consciously? How do you follow the advice for new writers, or fiction writers without losing your own connection and way? Intuitional writing comes from an emotionally intuitive Soul place, it is not ‘made up’, therefore it is not a purely mental process. And that is the difficulty. Your book, or stories, already have their own plan, you are not creating it, so much of the advice you read will not apply to you. That can make it very confusing, but there are ways around it.

My intention for this blog is to share what I have learned while writing channelled fiction and how to go about getting it published as an Indie Author. I will write about my own trials and tribulations and hopefully, it will help you to feel confident in writing and publishing your own work.

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